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Farm & Estate Management

Helping you maximise revenue and steer you through day-to-day challenges.

Our team of professional surveyors can provide you with the multifaceted approach required for successful farm and estate management which will maximise revenue, encourage growth, protect your rural assets and steer you through the day-to-day challenges.

Contact FBR Seed on 01573 224381 for help with your farm or estate management.


Farming is a complex industry, and a specialist farm business consultant can help you maximise revenue and steer you through the day-to-day challenges.

Whatever your needs, FBR Seed can provide practical professional advice tailored to suit your situation, whether it’s a one-off job, strategic planning, or a complete farm management service to all aspects of day-to-day administration.

Our range of farm management services

  • farm business management
  • grants & subsidy advice and applications
  • staff recruitment and employment matters
  • record keeping, farm assurance and compliance
  • book keeping, budgeting and accounts
  • health and safety
  • diversification opportunities
  • succession planning

Farm Management


We recognise that every rural estate is different and provide a holistic, personalised service that takes full account of your property, resources and business aims.

We work closely with you to identify priorities, and deliver effective solutions that make practical business sense, whether you need one-off strategic advice or a complete long-term management service. From land and buildings to woodland, natural resources and general infrastructure, we take an integrated approach to help you maximise income from your assets.

Our range of estate management services

  • strategic estate planning
  • succession and tax planning
  • farm business management
  • staff recruitment and employment matters
  • health and safety
  • financial planning and budgeting
  • valuation
  • planning and development opportunities

Estate Management


A wide range of expertise from a dedicated team

Our team of experienced professionals, book keepers and administrative staff offer an unrivalled service to support you, your business and your wider rural interests. Call us on 01573 224381 for a confidential discussion about your requirements.

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