Property Guidance During The 2021 Lockdown

06 January 2021

Property Guidance During Covid

As we enter 2021, we have also entered a new lockdown across the UK due to the covid-19 pandemic. After a challenging few months with multiple restriction changes, our team are in a routine of implementing any new restrictions and seeing how this could affect our clients.

If you are looking to buy, sell or move property this year, guidance has been announced to ensure these activities can take place as safely as possible. Our experienced property team are on hand to provide peace of mind to any landlords, homeowners or tenants at this time.

It is recommended to postpone the viewing of properties and home moves where we can, however if you are in a pinch and require this to be done imminently it is not illegal to do so. Please speak directly to our property department by emailing if you feel you need to move urgently or would like further advice on this topic. They can discuss your personal circumstances and advise accordingly.

For tenants or homeowners, repairs and maintenance can still continue for essential work or services, such as:

  • To carry out utility (electricity, gas, water, telephone, broadband) safety checks, repairs, maintenance and installations
  • To carry out repairs and maintenance that would otherwise threaten the household’s health and safety

When carrying out essential work in someone’s house, tradespeople should stay 2 metres apart from the people who live there, wear a face covering and follow good hand and respiratory hygiene.

Safety checks are allowed to continue to obtain safety certificates. Routine inspections are not essential and should be postponed until the area is removed from level 4 restrictions.

Our team are following all the latest government and SAL (Scottish Association of Landlords) guidance to ensure any work is carried out in a covid-safe manner. If you require any further information or would like to speak to one of our team about selling, renting, buying or letting a property, please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing

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