All together again at Rose Lane

21 October 2021

Rose Lane

Following the merge of FBR and Seed & Co in the summer of 2019, we are delighted to have made the big move into our new Rose Lane office. Despite Covid slowing renovation progress, work on the new office was completed at the beginning of October. After two years of working from home and in separate offices, the whole team is finally together under one roof. The new office provides a great external identity in a prominent position within the Border town of Kelso.

Although we hoped to be in the building much sooner, like everything else the coronavirus pandemic put a halt to all construction work, and we had to wait just a little bit longer. It was worth the wait! We worked with some fantastic local tradesmen, who have done an amazing job in restoring the building to its former glory. The internal wall paneling and soft green colours make the office feel warm and inviting. It is great to have a space that is welcoming for both our customers and staff as they work to provide a valuable service.

FBRSeed Office Kelso

During the renovation of our Rose Lane office, we uncovered the beautiful original ‘County Police Station’ sign situated above our main entrance, signifying its former use as Kelso’s police station. We decided to keep the original sign as it was very quirky and a nod to the rich history of the building. Don’t worry, this is the only feature of the building which reflects its original use!

Rose Lane Kelso

We are delighted to start the next chapter at our new address, Rose Lane, Kelso. Being located within a central Borders town will allow us to continue delivering a high-class service to our clients throughout the south of Scotland and beyond. We look forward to inviting our customers to our new office when the chaos of moving in dies down and the final details are complete.

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